The Alliance can help guide your charitable gifts


The holiday season is upon us. We know you’re busy. And the Jewish Alliance wants to help by making it easy for you to make donations, whether at the year’s end or any time throughout the year.

Did you know that nearly one-third of all giving takes place in December?  Around this time each year, many of us want to combine our desire to do good with our desire to save money wherever we can. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to do this because tzedakah comes in many forms, and the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island offers options that let you make informed charitable contributions. It’s that simple.

About 30% of year-end giving takes place in the last three days of the year – but every day is a good day to consider the types of giving that are best suited for you. Here are a few possibilities:

Establish a donor-advised fund: With charities that have donor-advised fund (DAF) programs, you can make irrevocable contributions to the charity, which then establishes a DAF on your behalf. Establishing a DAF can be particularly useful at the end of the year because it allows you to make a gift and take the tax deduction immediately.

Donate complex assets: Donors may contribute complex assets, such as private company stock, directly to a charitable organization. These types of assets often have a relatively low cost.

Give the gift of stock: While giving in the form of cash or a check is the most common way to donate to a charity, it is not generally the most tax-efficient. Contributing stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have appreciated over time has become increasingly popular.

Two-thirds of those making year-end gifts do so without research – we can help you discover your best options. There is no right or wrong way to give. Tzedakah comes in all shapes and sizes, and every gift makes a difference!

At the Jewish Alliance, we strive to make it easier for you by noting important deadlines and offering many options to accommodate your contribution preferences. When in doubt, ask us to help guide you!

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