It’s our shared responsibility to fight hate

Our state’s motto is simply “Hope.” For many right now, feelings of hope may feel distant and difficult to achieve. But we must remember, we all have a responsibility to one …

From the publisher

A plan to create a stronger Jewish community

Friday, October 2, 2020

In December 2019 I sat in a Newport living room with more than 25 members of our community, and I listened. The group was diverse in age, diverse in denomination, and diverse in politics and …

d'Var Torah

The Torah guides us toward helping the homeless

A home and a garden. Sounds biblical. After all, one of the first chapters in the Torah is the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But where was their home? Only the garden is …

Ecclesiastes fits the spirit of our time

The many sounds of silence

Consider a blessing for the COVID-19 vaccine

Editor's column

Thoughts that bloom in April

Like all of you, we have just celebrated our second pandemic Passover. Our seder, once again, was largely a Zoom connection. But unlike last year, this year my extended family was able to gather …

Ode to Zoom

Congratulations on adapting

Renew your commitment to good health

Ending a dark year with the Festival of Lights

Mike Fink

There’s more to Columbus than meets the eye

Did you know that a pigeon is a dove and that the word “columbus” means just that in Latin, the bird that makes a cooing, melancholy melody over all the continents and builds …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

What I believe and don’t believe about ‘the word of God’

Friday, April 9

When ‘hope and history rhyme’

Thursday, March 4

Facing ‘the absurd’

Friday, February 5

The quest for a Kosher turkey

Thursday, January 7

An unquenchable and enduring love for America

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Larry Kessler

Ups and downs of the ‘new normal’

Friday, October 2, 2020

In the summer of 2019, well before our lives were upended by the seemingly never-ending “new normal,” I wrote a column about how my wife and I were about to become empty-nesters. At that …

From the archives

Spring of 1951 revisited

“May you live in interesting times,” an apocryphal curse, certainly applies to the months since the election. Perhaps historians will find these months “interesting,” but …

The beautiful tea cups nobody wants

A Hanukkah present for you

Abolishing slavery motivated Jewish War hero