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Thursday, May 13

Stay up to date on the latest news from Israel. Jewish Rhode Island has it all.

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Our first cooking video

Black and white cookies are a longtime favorite

Who wants a cookie? I know I do! Especially when they’re black and white cookies, a favorite treat in Jewish households across the country.  They’re fun to make, they symbolize harmony and they taste great.

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Community news

End of an era

Sunday, May 16

Rainbow Bakery closed its doors for the final time Saturday. Owners Murray and Deby Kaplan have decided to retire and are shuttering the Cranston bakery after 67 years.
Up Front

Rabbi James B. Rosenberg: On a religious quest for over 50 years

Thursday, June 3

James B. Rosenberg was recently honored for his 50 years as a Reform rabbi during a service at Temple Habonim, in Barrington, the congregation that he has been connected with for 47 of those 50 years, including 33 years as the congregation’s rabbi.
Community News

Alliance to offer virtual relational Judaism learning series

Sunday, May 9

What is the relationship between Warren Buffet, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rhode Island Jews? Decades ago, Rabbi Myer S. Kripke and business tycoon Warren Buffet became friends and bridge …
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June is the month of graduations, weddings, gardens and great hopes for warmer times. This year, it also seems to be the month of climbing to the other side of COVID-19 as our life opens up …

Our pets need to adjust to post-pandemic life too

Thoughts that bloom in April

Ode to Zoom

Congratulations on adapting

Renew your commitment to good health

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Herbert Fogel, 79

Monday, May 31

Joel Davis, 67

Sunday, May 30

Melvyn Blake, 81

Sunday, May 30

James Engel, 62

Sunday, May 30

Sylvia Levin, 95

Sunday, May 30

Nellie Lobello, 96

Sunday, May 30

Leonard Nalibow, 87

Sunday, May 30

“When I look at Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have established,/What is man that You are mindful of him? The son of man that You pay attention to …
Amichai’s ‘Poems of Jerusalem’

I have in my home library a number of volumes of the poetry of Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000), perhaps Israel’s best-known post-state poet. Many are in the Hebrew original, others are English …

Other news

Area synagogues begin the process of reopening

As more people receive COVID-19 vaccinations and return to in-person gatherings in Rhode Island, synagogues are addressing the question of how to expand their services. Jewish Rhode Island reached …

Update from Project Shoresh

RIIC partnership helps R.I.’s Hispanic small-business owners

R.I.’s Israeli emissary to share her inspiring story on June 9

My sister’s wedding in Israel

Summer food program feeds kids for free

Remember the Past

From generation to generation

Thursday, June 3

Seventy years ago, David Charak Adelman saw his idea for a new organization become a reality. For many years, Adelman had been collecting “Rhode Island Americana” – printed …

Letters to the Editor

Stand up and be proud

Thursday, June 3

As a member of the RI Jewish community, like others, I have been very concerned over the recent Israeli/Gaza conflict.I have followed the daily news coverage online, on TV broadcasts, on radio and in …


There’s more to hekshers than meets the eye

Thursday, June 3

Do you know what a heksher is? If you keep Kosher, or just buy Kosher goods, the answer is probably yes. Hekshers are those tiny Kosher certifying symbols on food labels, a stamp of approval from …