Episode 4: Breaking the Glass

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Originally published Dec. 15, 2022.

You say ketubah, I say kitab. We both say, I do! This episode features the many ways people choose to celebrate their marriage. Whether on land or at sea, with an Imam or JP, our couples share how they decided to make their special day uniquely theirs. If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, an officiant to fit your union or other ways to make tradition reflect your reality, this is the episode for you.


Links and References:

Read Rabbi Handlarski’s book: The A—Z of Intermarriage

Learn more about her virtual synagogue space: http://secularsynagogue.org/

Read Ed Case’s book: Radical Inclusion: Engaging Interfaith Families for a Thriving Jewish Future

Learn more about the Center for Radically Inclusive Judaism https://www.cfrij.com/

Learn more about the London Nikah http://www.thelondonnikah.com/


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